ietnam is now a new destination for the tourists all over the world. It is the long and narrow country with three parts of region. Every part has its own culture, history and lifestyle. Vietnamese people are energetic and resilient in aspects of nature as well as commerce development. In addition, local people are very amicable. Visit Vietnam, you will have many opportunities to socialize with them and listen to many interesting tales. Together with the growth of globalization, there is more and more the appearance of buildings, roads, constructions replacing to old villages, ancient towns. In the near future, Vietnam may become a mixed-culture-country. One of our tourists said that “I choose Vietnam as a destination for this trip because I am afraid of the swiftly process of globalization and commercialization”. So, let come here as soon as possible to find out and touch the soul of Vietnam.

Vietnam Express Travel is the company with more than 10 years experienced in tourism. Our company with a team of helpful and warm-heart consultant will help you choose the best accommodation, route as well as sight-point to fit your budget, schedule and your personal hobby. In addition, our tour guide team with deep knowledge about Vietnam and Indochina will share with you all the information about that place to make you absolutely satisfied your vacation.

Our mission is “Your satisfaction is our top desire”. So, do not hesitate to contact us for your dream vacation in Vietnam and Indochina.

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    ith many years of experience in tourism industry, Vietnam Express Travel would like to help you with all information and services when you have plans to travel to Vietnam.

    • Organize your trip with your budget of time and money
    • Give you the best option for your accommodation
    • Arrange the most comfortable transportation
    • Make a domestic flight booking
    • Complete visa service
    • Accommodate you with the most informative, helpful and experienced tour guides

    Vietnam Express Travel – bring to you satisfaction, safety and convenience.

    1. Hi Vietnam Express Travel – Paul Curtis – England

    Hope all is good with you and your family. Hope the following is ok

    By the way I was unable to open the photos in the format you sent could you send them again?

    We had the pleasure of experiencing south Vietnam for 6 days. The knowledge Vietnam Express Travel has of sien reap is incredible. Nothing was too much trouble. The hotels were exceptional  the food was amazing and the service was beyond compare. We had a multi ability group David organised everything, We would not hesitate to recommend the tour and his company to anyone

    5 star



    2.  Dear Vietnam Express Travel !!! Simon

    We are now back in sing. No problems with flight or names. I think western names cause confusion. I wanted to thank you for a great trip. Organisation perfect lovely hotel and great guides. We got right balance between visits in city and countryside so great job
    Your guides were excellent informative attentive. Stand out guy for us was sang. Not the best English but good enough to understand and a very genuine and warm human being. It was a real pleasure spending time with him. He and the other guys do your company proud. Thanks again !!!

    5 star



    3. Spectacular Views & Beautiful People

    Nov 15, 2015 by Lucy Hutchinson

    Everything was perfect, I am still smiling at all the people met and places we saw. This was my third visit to Vietnam and hope to return again one day. This time we were able to experience more back roads, villages and visiting with the Locals ?

    4 stars



    4. Birthday Trip

    Nov 05, 2015 by Katie

    This was actually my second time with Vietnam Express Travel. Robin did a wonderful job with planning my birthday trip to Hanoi. We stayed in Hotel all throughout the country, which were all centrally located to activities/sites we were looking to do and see. Overall, the two of us were very satisfied I’m sure we will, as I would love to go back to Hanoi and my boyfriend would like to visit it for the first time.

    Again, thanks for the wonderful trip. Going back to work this week was tough !

    3 stars



    5. Awesome

    Oct 31, 2015 by Michelle

    AWESOME, EXCELLENT, and ONCE IN LIFETIME ADVENTURE . Those words are the ones I would choose when talking about this company. Aisling did a wonderful job of booking the best places to stay and see. She was wonderful even though I changed the dates once and kinda panicked on the travel vouchers. She booked the self drive for my mom and I and we had a wonderful time.

    4 stars



    6. Truly Amazing

    Oct 18, 2015 by Jon Curtis

    Our trip was even better than we expected, and Shannon did such a wonderful job setting it all up for us. The Hotels were spectacular, the rental car went so much easier than everyone else in line thanks to Da Nang. The country is beautiful and everyone was very friendly. I can’t possibly say enough good things about our trip.

    5 star



    7. The Trip of a Lifetime!

    Oct 17, 2015 by Ronda Riley

    Our trip was fantastic! We travelled all over central Ireland in our little rental. All the tiny, winding roads were quite an adventure! The beauty of the landscapes & friendliness of the people was astounding! Every we stayed in was amazing – the food, accommodations & the hospitality! The planning done in advance really paid off as we were able to cram in maximum activities each day. Da Nang was so helpful in helping me plan for all the different experiences we wanted to have. Thanks for everything – we’ll remember this vacation forever !

    3 stars



    8. Simply Amazing !

    Oct 06, 2015 by Patricia Galindo

    Thank you so much Vietnam Express Travel for helping make my vacation such a memorable one. Since photography is such a major part of all of my vacations, I wanted to be able to drive through this magnificent country and stop along the road at will. It was also important to me to be able to experience traditional Vietnamese music in the evenings alongside the wonderful Vietnamese people. I was pointed in the right direction on all accounts.

    Vietnam is a special place. Vietnamese people are a beautiful people. I’m so lucky to have been able to experience both.

    And thanks to booking thru Vietnam Express Travel I was able to focus on the fun and not have to deal with the details. I’d use their services again and again

    4 stars



    9. Honeymoon

    Oct 01, 2015 by Braunsberg

    We had a wonderful time. The places we stayed in were so nice for the price too, we were very surprised how fancy the castles were for what we were paying. I think overall you saved us money on what we would have paid booking on our own, and you certainly made much better choices about where to go and what to see than we would have.
    5 star



    10. Incredible 14-Day Hoi An Tour

    Sep 17, 2015 by Jeffery A. Brown

    We just finished our tour of Hoi An! Thank you to Vietnham Express Travel and all the people with Vietnam Express Travel who made our trip an incredible success. It was our first time in Hoi An and it would not have been as fun without your inputs. We appreciated your suggestions which helped us formulate some of our own sight-seeing adventures. I will recommended Vietnam Express Travel to everyone we know. Thank you again!

    4 stars



    11. Traveling with my sons

    Sep 05, 2015 by Christine Martin

    We were planning 2 weeks in Vietnam and wanted to stay in a Hotel. Robin worked with me and set up our rental car and a wonderful itinerary traveling about Vietnam. We would not have known where to start. I highly recommend using them to plan your trip. We had a great time with no worries!

    5 star



    12. Thank You for the Amazing Trip !

    Aug 04, 2015 by Gracie N.

    I wanted to thank you Vietnam Express Travel for the amazing trip! I am singing the praises of Vietnam to everyone I know, and could not have been more pleased with the trip! I appreciate the company’s upfrontness, and honesty in everything. We literally had NO clue about anything in Vietnam before the trip, and were unbelievably pleased with how well you all prepared us and helped us out. You are truly amazing, and we appreciate you as well as the company! I will be planning to travel with you in the future!

    5 star